When the Bpi opened in 1977, the Languages area was a place for information and self-learning of 135 languages and dialects. The success of French as a foreign language (FLE), of English and rare languages was rapid and lasting. In 1986, the Computer Programmes area was opened, using mainly courseware offered by publishers of educational software.

In 2000, these two areas were combined and this made it possible to offer an expanded and varied self-study area. Within the BPI, the Self-study Service and its auxiliary services (conversation workshops, digital workshops) provide visitors with a place for training throughout life, broadly accessible and free.

The Bpi collaborates with the network of personalised pedagogical workshops (APP)APAPP, the Centre Inffo, the Library of Science and Industry(BSI) and the Institute for Professional Education and Development, EDUTER


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Since 2005, the Bpi contributes to the acquisition and accessibility of self-study resources for public libraries that have a self-study area.

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Shared Tools

This section is a toolbox. It offers resources that are useful on a daily basis for training, for informing the public and for acquiring resources.