The National Catalog of Documentary Films

The Public Information Library disseminates to public libraries in France a catalogue of around 1200 documentary films for which the rights were acquired from the producers, distributors or film makers. The acquisition rights allow public viewing (individual viewing and collective screenings) free of charge within the distribution rights of the Library and free loans for home viewing.

This documentary offering constitutes a reference catalog covering all areas of knowledge, while remaining representative of the most inventive sectors of contemporary cinematographic creation (documentary essays, author films, animated documentaries).

The rights are acquired for a period of ten years. Acquisitions are based on selections made by a national commission made up of librarians in charge of film collections and run by the Images en Libraries association.

Logo de la plateforme numérique Les yeux doc
Les yeux doc © Bpi, 2016

Les yeux doc

Les Yeux Doc, the on-demand video site for films from the National Catalog.

Photo de la brochure du Catalogue national 2014.
Catalogue national © Bpi

The collection on DVD

The collection of films acquired up to 2015, comprising around 900 titles, is available on DVD.