Cultural programming

Cultural action is one of the missions of the Public Information Library, which has been part of the Center Pompidou since its foundation. It must contribute to the cultural activity of the Centre.
A cultural action charter presents its objectives and methods.

In this section, you will find methodological tools (preparing oral events, an exhibition, a concert, mediation, an exceptional event – ​​for example a reading marathon, a literary festival –, etc.).
Here you will find exhibitions designed by the Bpi.
Most of the events are recorded and can be consulted live and a posteriori on the Bpi website.
A selection of debates on book trades, the dissemination of information and networks, culture, will also be offered, as well as some feedback.

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Missions and methodologies

Encyclopaedic in nature to reflect the diversity of documentary content, the programming is more particularly organized around 5 main axes:…

Professional culture

The Bpi explores through cultural programming issues related to culture and its different meanings, to the world of information and…