Media and information literacy

Citizenship is at the center of the major societal challenges of the 21st century. Training enlightened citizens, able to think about and build our democratic societies, is more than ever fundamental in a world that is changing and reinventing itself every day in the era of the digital revolution.
Faced with the flow of information and communication, the multiplied media, the growing concentration of media, the knowledge and skills necessary for the critical evaluation of information are expanding and becoming more complex.
To respond to this challenge, libraries, in partnership with National Education or as part of larger projects, are essential players in Media and Information Education (EMI).
The Bpi, which itself develops EMI workshop proposals for schools and adults, offers this section to promote experience sharing and reflection between professionals who wish to set up similar actions in their establishments. It identifies digital resources bringing together experiences, good practices and useful resources on media and information literacy to support new initiatives.

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Photographie d'un atelier EMI à la Bpi
© Hervé Véronèse


Practical sheets present media and information education actions carried out in libraries

consultation informatique

Media and Information Education (EMI) Partners

Organismes et associations ressources pour mettre en place des actions ou développer la formation.