Starting in 1997, the Bpi, in connection with the mission Lecture et Handicap and with the support of the Books and Reading Service (SLL), launched the project known as ALPHABib (Améliorer l’Accueil des Personnes Handicapées en Bibliothèque) to improve the access of the handicapped to libraries. First in the form of a participative wiki, the project now has its own specific section on the Bpi website for professionals.

The section ALPHABib seeks to create a network of professionals in charge of services dedicated to the reception in libraries of people with a handicap. It also aims to bring professionals together around a network of exchanges and information on the issues of services, developments in tools and technologies and practices…

Inside Vision
tablette tactile

Exposition intitulée "Esquisses pour un logo"

Handicap tools

Technical and practical factsheets make it possible to understand different types of handicaps and the specific needs of the handicapped.

Journée du 24 mars

Study days on Handicap

Every year, the “Reading and handicap” mission of the Public Information Library organises a study and encounter day on the theme of the reception of handicapped users in libraries..

Fichier manuel

Alphabib directory

The contact information of all of the network members.