Information on libraries, missions and the evolution of library services and tools devised for library professionals.

groupe dans les espaces de la Bpi
Photo Delphine Nicolas, Bpi, [CC-By-NC-ND 2.0]

Traineeships and Bpi tour

Details of visits to the Bpi by library professionals.

Livre et tablette

Debates and study days

Current professional debates: what’s at stake digitally, the missions of libraries, libraries’ new roles, collaborative spaces and new uses for libraries.

Visuel crayon et rapporteur

Shared Tools

Toolbox for library professionals: glossaries, documentary policy.


Presentation of libraries having a particular interest: innovative services, new buildings, actions directed at specific audiences…

Cooperation Council

Scientific council for Bpi partners, as a global co-operative convention..

plusieurs mains proposent des engrenages en collaboration

Professional associations

Presentation of French professional associations of librarians.