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"Migrants in libraries: what do they need, how to welcome them, which services to provide?"

September, Tuesday 29th – Calais
Bpi (Bibliothèque publique d’information, Paris) and the City libraries of Calai
Open to all, our libraries have been welcoming migrants among their users for several years - their presence being sometimes discreet, sometimes much more visible. It questions our missions and our practices. How to welcome them? Who are these migrants? What does the library mean to them and what do they look for? What new skills and tools do librarians need to provide services to this specific users, and how to ensure a peaceful coexistence among all users?

Reports, feedbacks and initiatives that will be highlighted during this conference aim at opening discussions on how people from diverse cultural backgrounds can live together in libraries and in the community as well as on the issue of diversity of users and their coexistence.

10h - Migrants in France and in libraries – General overview / Lola Mirabail
11h – Welcoming migrants in libraries and living together
  • The example of Calais: Bénédicte Frocaut, Calais and Jérémy Lachal (BSF – Biblitohèques sans frontiers)
  • Roundtable: Towards a peaceful coexistence of users: facts, problems, successes, with librarians from Oostende, Belgium (Martine Vandermaes), Paris (Lola Mortain and Caroline Brouillard) and Montreuil (Clémentine Perol)
14h30 – Providing services to migrants: examples and tools
  • A partnership between the Bpi and “France Terre d’Asile” to give migrants access to their rights / Hélène Saada (Bpi, Paris), and Radek Ficek (France Terre d’Asile)
  • Access to rights and partnerships / Anne-France Simmart, Florennes Library(Belgium)   
  • Read, listen and look at films in Chines language / Marion Giuliani, Plaine commune Libraries network
  • Services to learn French as a foreign language / Cécile Chosson, Vénissieux Library
16h – Continuing professional development, funding, relationships with local authorities: how to enhance the reception of migrants in libraries
  • A program for social cohesion in the City of Calais / Jean-marc Bucher, Deputy Director General, City of Calais
  • Training program for librarians to welcome audiences from foreign background /Hélène Aurenche, Louise Michel Library, Paris
  • Multicultural practices and services in libraries / Helene Hatzfeld, Minsistry of Culture and Communication