Websites, BalisesProfessionnels and Cinéma du Réel are the four websites available for you.

The Bpi has chosen to offer to internauts several complementary sites on its activities. Informative or collaborative, they are addressed to everyone, although their approaches are different.

The corporate website presents the missions and the organisation of the Library, and also all the practical information you need to prepare for a tour and discover the collections and the services offered, as well as an agenda of meetings, debates, symposia, exhibitions and festivals and also film screenings, tours and workshops… This is also the website which enables you to directly access the Library catalogue and all the resources that it offers that are accessible remotely.


The webmagazine Balises regularly offers news articles. Through a critical and selective view of the collections, these articles, videos, infographics, images and sounds offer guidelines on subjects from 26 different themes related to the Library catalogue and also with all the best quality information available on the web. Offering a dynamic navigation by rebound effect on themes, tags or publication formats, Balises is open to contributions from internauts who are invited to comment on the articles or to propose subjects for articles and, of course, to share articles that they appreciate.

Cinéma du Réel [Reality film]

The website “Cinéma du Réel” offers a point of view that is both a foretaste of the next festival and a retrospective on all the past editions of the last 36 years. It makes it possible to keep up with events in documentary films, especially through the festival programmes outside or at the Centre Pompidou or at those of partner festivals.


The tab for professionals on this website, dedicated particularly to professionals of information sciences, identifies the actions and services developed by the Bpi, the national public library, or by other partner libraries. In addition to articles on the experiences or sociological studies carried out by the Studies and Research Service, this is a resource-site which also enables access to the national film catalogue, to the website of the association Carel, the website Bibliothèques dans la cité [Libraries in the City], to information from the BiblioSésame network and to information on handicaps on Alphabib…