Missions and organisation

General missions
From the beginning, the Public Information Library (Bpi) has established itself as a unique institution of its kind. Its missions are set out in articles two and three of its founding legislation dated January 27, 1976 :
  • “to offer to all, and as openly as possible, a constant up-to-date selection of French and foreign collections of general information and current events”.
  • “to build a centre for document research, in collaboration with the other centres, libraries and cultural establishments”.
  • ”to participate in the cultural activities of the cultural complex of the Georges Pompidou Centre.” 

Operating principles
The Bpi is organised since its creation along three main principles: 
  • open access: that is, free of charge with an emphasis on the autonomy of the reader.
  • the up-to-date nature of its information, owing to the constant monitoring and renewal of the collections.
  • the search for the most adapted and innovative means to access the books and information, including remotely. 

The Bpi also listens closely to its users.  It provides expertise on all of the resources and responds to needs that are very different, such as leisure, continuing education, preparation for examinations, the hazards of everyday life… 

As a national library, the Bpi also has an important mission of cooperation: to promote, through different action programmes, the circulation and sharing of good practice between French public libraries as well as improving their visibility on an international level.

Organisation Chart

The Bpi is composed of four thematic departments that share documentary resources according to the area of knowledge along with four support departments.

La Bpi de nuit

Renovation project of the Bpi

The public information Library made a commitment, since 2010 and the presentation of the project of establishment baptized " Read the world ", in an approach of reflection on its renovation.

Rayonnages de la Bpi


Consult in this section the documentary charter of the library and the charter of use of Internet, two documents which formalize the policy of the Bpi in these sectors. 

Rapport 2012

Activity reports

Recent reports can be browsed online or downloaded in PDF format.