You are a job seeker

Are you looking for a job, do you want to change your profession, build your own business or simply find information on the world of work?  No matter what your situation, the Bpi has many resources to respond to your needs.

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Find information on training, professions and entrance exams

To make it easy to access information on educational or vocational guidance, employment and professional training, a special Training Orientation area, in the Library offers documentation on careers, institutes and universities, entrance exams, internships and jobs: Youth Information and Documentation Centre career orientation files - Actuel-CIDJ, ONISEP kiosk of career guides, guides for students, selected web sites… 

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Discover the Self-Study area

The Self-Study area located on Level 2, is dedicated to life-long self-learning. Here you can learn over 220 languages and dialects, office skills, the highway code… This area makes available a great number of resources (language learning methods, feature films, documentaries and programmes) to help you to teach yourself independently or with help from a librarian.

Participate in the workshops and special services

Learn how to “Search for openings on Internet and the social networks” and “Job search techniques: CV and cover letter with the workshops organised by the Library in partnership with the Youth Centre for Information and Documentation (CIDJ).

Do you need to update your CV or to write a cover letter but are not familiar with the computer? Do you want to improve your skills in information technology? Initiate yourself to information technology and to the worldwide web in the digital workshops organised and run by two librarians.

Do you want to improve and develop your language skills? The Self-study area offers conversational workshops free of charge to enable you to practise English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese or French as a foreign language (FLE).
To help you to draft with ease your administrative and professional correspondence or any other personal or public document without any mistakes in spelling or grammar, the library makes available a public-writing service ) in partnership with the association "Mots sur mesure".


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Explore the labour market and find a job 

The Orientation-Training area makes a number of tools available to inform you on the sectors that are hiring and to help you to find a job : useful guides (CV, cover letters, recruitment tests…), corporate directories, addresses of resource places, selected websites…