Other services available for those with handicaps

Need advice, training or help to find a cultural event...

Advice, training and personalized assistance

Specific assistance (on appointment):
People with visual impairments can call on employees and on the team of volunteer guides for:
  • Help with using the catalogue and with Internet searches,
  • Assistance in getting to the book shelves as well as to the other media and services offered by the Library,
  • Reading printed documents out loud with the option of making a recording or taking notes,
  • Training on the use of the computer programmes and equipment in the booths on appointment.
Visits to the Bpi:
See visits for audience development 

Take a training course:
You want to learn how to use the reading machine, the scanner, the Zoomtext software? Call or for an appointment

How to contact a volunteer guide?

By asking for the list of volunteer guides at the General Information Desk (level 1, at the entrance to the Bpi). Lists printed in large letters and in braille are available.

Exposition Abée de l'épée

Access to to the exhibitions and conferences organised by the Bpi

In addition to the exhibitions and conferences, don’t hesitate to go through the web site and to contact us : lecture-handicap@bpi.fr, skype: bpienlsf