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The charter of Internet use

The use of a computer system, whatever kind of system it is, is subject to a certain number of legal texts being respected. To overlook them is punishable by penal sanctions (fines and imprisonment).

Internet Bpi
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General legal framework

For information and synthesis these texts have to do with:
- The protection of minors: as the Bpi is open to all, it is forbidden to consult sites which are violent, pornographic or liable to gravely infringe human dignity with a chance of being seen or perceived by a minor. A fortiori, the consultation of sites of this type which involve minors is also criminally prosecutable (Articles 22723 and 22724 of the French Penal Code).
- Cyberfraud: “the fact of gaining access to or fraudulently maintaining a presence in the whole of or part of a system... the fact of preventing or interfering with the functioning of a system...the fact of fraudulently introducing, suppressing or modifying the data it contains” are held to be crimes. “Attempted crimes are punished by the same penalties.” (Articles 3231 to 7 of the French Penal Code)
- Copyright: the code that pertains to intellectual property sanctions counterfeiting and, in general terms, every infringement of copyright. All re-use of data comprising especially of literary and artistic works, is illicit without the express consent of the authors or the copyright holders.

1. Aims of the service

a. To increase the number of documents on offer by the library
b. To allow the general public to discover and to use the new tools of information research

2. Consultation methods

a. Access to sites selected according to fields of knowledge: click on “CD-ROMs and internet resources” on the flat screen work stations that show the field that interests you (e.g.: arts, philosophy…). These sites have been chosen for their quality and their reliability and are complementary to collections of books, reviews and films...
b. Access to the general network of the Internet: book a place on the same day at the "General Information" desk at the entrance to the library (level 1). The session length is 30 to 45 minutes.

3. Entry requirements

Consultation of the sites selected is open to all.
Access to the general Internet network is open to all, with the exception of unaccompanied minors.

4. Web browsing restrictions

a. Access is denied to: sites that are violent, pornographic or liable to gravely infringe human dignity
b. It is not permitted to download programs.
c. It is not permitted to modify the configuration of the equipment.

5. Methods of safeguarding

a. The use of floppy disks is not permitted.
b. Messaging is permitted.
c. Printing out is permitted.

6. Rates 

a. This service is available free of charge.
b. Printouts have to be paid for (0.13 € / page).
Users who try to undermine the spirit or the letter of the present charter may see themselves expelled from the library, without prejudice to other measures that can be countenanced (formal complaint filing, for example...)