Publications and communication supports

On paper, audio or Internet, the publications of the Bpi are the reflection and the extension of its activities. From the agenda of the Library to detailed descriptions of certain themes, the Bpi has many tools available for its users.

Actu Bibliothèque

With Actu bibliothèque, the monthly newsletter of the Bpi, you will be informed of all the meetings organised at the Library. From meetings and exhibitions to workshops and symposia, you will not miss any event if you consult it regularly.


To stay informed, you can also subscribe to the monthly electronic letters of the three websites of the Bpi. They represent in summary fashion the main news, the specific focuses and the most recent publications of the Library.

Couvertures De ligne en ligne
Photo Delphine Nicolas © Bpi

From line to line

The Bpi also makes available its magazine “De Ligne en Ligne”, published three times a year. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself, to find new information and to discover files, interviews and portraits drawn up by the librarians.

photos de différents documents de communication

Communication supports

Find in this section all of the documentation available in the Library for downloading.
User manual, regulation...

Editions Bpi visuels
Delphine Nicolas, Bpi [CC-BY-ND-NC-2.0]

Publications of the Library

The Bpi also has a section for its own publications, Les éditions de la Bibliothèque, which displays its many works present on the shelves and freely accessible.

Web TV

Web TV / Web radio

With Web TV/radio stations, you can find all the audio files of the Bpi: all the recorded debates, conferences and symposia organised at the Library are placed on line within a week after the event.