Bibliothèques dans la Cité

[Libraries in the City] The issue of the social role of libraries arises ever more strongly in many public libraries. How can they contribute to renewing social links? With Libraries in the City, the Bpi contributes to running professional discussions on these issues and has set up a website for lessons learned from its experience.

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Le jeu en bibliothèque

Published on 2016/09/26
  • Seminars
La journée d'étude "Le jeu en bibliothèque" s'est déroulée à la ludo-médiathèque de Saint-Médard-en-Jalles le jeudi 17 novembre 2016. Elle était organisée conjointement par la Bibliothèque Publique d'...

Practical fact sheets

These cards present a summary of the discussions underlining the social role of libraries: concrete aspects of implementation, resources required, difficulties encountered and successes.